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Our services goes from IT infrastructure and networking to development of an application and other related IT field. We can accompany you in your IT projects, in training your staff and much more, we would be happy to meet you to discuss it.

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IT Project Management

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What do you need?

We have the solution for you

Block user to access Facebook or a website?

It can be Facebook, YouTube or any other website. Using a Firewall, we help you manage your network traffic and  protect your network or systems from unauthorized access.


Avoid/Minimize server downtime and optimize its performance?

It is impossible to never experience downtime, but with our Server Management services, keeping your server running at 99.99% is our mission.


Backup Files or Data on my server to another server?

It is important to copy your data to different locations. We offer Backups and Disaster Recovery services that improve data availability and accessibility, and to improve system resilience and reliability.


Prevent data loss due to threats and failures?

There is always a risk of data loss that affects your business. To prevent this problem, we offer Backups and Disaster Recovery services that improve data availability and accessibility, and to improve system resilience and reliability.


Protect my network form unauthorized access?

There are several high-level security best practices that every organization should adopt to protect their data from unauthorized access which refers to people gaining unauthorized access to an organization’s networks, data, endpoints, applications or devices. We offer security solution (Firewall) that keeps your network safe.


Limit internet usage?

Managing your internet usage allows you to prioritize your internet usage per application or per user. We can assist you defining internet usage according to your need using firewall policies,to avoid application congestion or slow internet.


Access my email while away from office?

We understand sometimes one needs to access ones email while away from work. That is why we provide Cloud Email Solution that enables access to your email anywhere-anytime.


Reduce my business phone bills?

Landlines are not cheap. We get that. All you need is a broadband internet connection and we will implement your Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) that allows you to make and receive calls.


Connect and access my office network and work files when I am away from the office?

With the Covid Pandemic, you may need to work from home. We provide encrypted connection (VPN) that ensures data is safely transmitted and prevents unauthorized persons from eavesdropping on traffic and allows the user to work remotely.


Protect IT environments, Apps and Data from disaster?

Vanuatu is one of the most disaster-prone countries which makes us vulnerable. Your business resiliency is very important to us. We offer Backups and Disaster Recovery services that improve data availability and accessibility, and to improve system resilience and reliability.


Schedule updates to run outside of working hours?

You need to updates your systems for security and performance purposes yet you have works to do. We understand how challenging is this situation so we could help you schedule your updates to run outside of working hours.


Why Choose Us

Making your business profitable by optimizing your IT environment is a challenge in Vanuatu. And that is why you have EBS


Passion for technology

We are embedded into a culture of movement, development, growth and advancement.


Commitment to security

We value privacy and security and we prioritize the optimum level of security. This implies robust security measures to safeguard the storage, transmission and sharing of data.


Best of the Best Support

We are attentive to the needs of each client down to the smallest detail in order to offer them the best efficiently.


Transparent Management

We ensure a total transparency project management regardless of any IT project.


Embrace innovation

We strive to provide innovative services and solutions as we believe that we are in an era where technology not only impacts all businesses but is ubiquitous.


99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

We ensure 24/7 availability and operation of your IT environment to optimize your company's productivity.

About Us

We Provide Reliable Expertise To Make Your Project A Success

About EBS

Engineering Business Services or EBS, was created in 2015. As Vanuatu graduated from Least Developed Country to Developed Country, we strive to contribute to this change by bringing efficient IT services and solutions .

You are starting your new business, you would like to improve your IT services or you have an IT project but you don’t know where to begin? You are in the right place.

We know how hard it could be to manage and monitor an IT environment and that is what we are here for. We provide multiple IT services such as accompanying you in your IT Project or in your staff’s training. We are very pleased to assist and help you out.

Our Certified Partners

EBS ensures you achieve your full potential

Our Brilliant Team

The answers to EBS success, EBS prosperity and the energy to boost EBS into future



Systems Administrator

Curious with strong passion for technology, Tchien, one of the pillars of our team who worked for one of the biggest telecom company in Vanuatu for 7 years, is in charge of the management of most of our projects.
He had the opportunity to be part of the EBS team, a team that exchange “How-To”  which makes our team stronger and more efficient. His goal is to use his knowledge and experience to support the projects of EBS and its clients.
Tchien enjoys fishing, hunting and is passionate about music and worshiping the Creator.



Senior IT Technician

Basil, having been captivated by the online training courses where he completed most of the IT/ICT courses, is a senior IP/IT engineer with us. “Joining EBS is both fun and challenging, and it is a privilege for any ambitious professional to have a successful career with a reputable enterprise like EBS“, he said.
He is mainly responsible for maintaining the well-being of our clients’ IT environment, which includes implementing system upgrades and migration of systems and their procedures.
Although he doesn’t understand French, French songs are his favorite.

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IT Technician

Edward is passionate about fishing and hiking, two activities he enjoys when he has the opportunity. He studied building construction and worked in that field until he was forced to stop for medical reasons. It was in this context that the idea of pursuing a career in the field of IT/ ICT emerged.
Edward joins EBS because he believes EBS is a thriving IT leader in many aspects, has a growing team with good leadership and it emphasizes individual empowerment common for company achievements. As part of his responsibilities, he ensures that he follows the best IT practices while taking into account the importance of time management to better assist our customers.

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Junior IT Technician

Fiona graduated in Computer Science from the University of New Caledonia. She is particularly interested in IT projects, which is why she proudly chose to join EBS.
In her free time, she enjoys taking care of her nieces-nephews, and discovering and learning new cooking and baking recipes.
Serious and ambitious, she strives to provide quality results to our customers. With EBS, she learns that there can be many solutions to a need but what matters is not what we did, but how we did it. This is a challenge in Vanuatu because to this day there is no university or institution to develop the required skills to meet the growing demand in IT/ICT field.

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Christopher QUAI

Junior IT technician

Christopher joins EBS to develop his knowledge of different operating systems, networking and its resources such as servers, firewalls, switch and so on.
He was a student from Malapoa College who decides to pursue a career in IT/ICT. He completed his hardware courses with a Diploma at CNS and now working in EBS as an Junior IT Technician. As a kid, Chris wants to become a pilot but the rapid advancing of technology leads him to switch career paths to IT/ICT field.
Eager to learn, he is now taking CompTIA IT Fundamentals course that will help him building his career as an IT/ICT Technician.

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IT Technician

Ash graduated from Melbourne with a degree in Computer Science and Accounting and has been working in IT for almost 20 years, mostly with managed service providers in Fiji, Australia and Vanuatu.
Technology is changing at an ever increasing rate, and the traditional method of delivering IT services to users has changed from self-hosted environment to cloud-based computing. In Vanuatu, the challenge is to keep up with the changes so that the enormous benefits can be fully realized.” – Ash
He enjoys discovering new countries and cultures that he will probably never have the chance to visit, through books. Recently he has developed an interest in Astronomy and is learning about the solar system, planets and galaxies.

Expert in Virtualization, Linux and DNS infrastructures and Co-founder of EBS, Arnaud followed an IT Engineer curriculum in France, and became an expert in Virtualization and High-availability infrastructures. He has been living in Vanuatu for three years now working as an IT Engineer for various companies but wanted to deliver more services and increase IT capacity in Vanuatu, hence EBS.


Founder, Expert in Virtualization

Co-founder of EBS with Network engineering expertise, Thomas followed an IT Engineer curriculum in France, giving him a solid technological basis, then put it to good use for consulting companies. He has been living in Vanuatu for several years now and decided to create EBS with Arnaud.

Thomas LEROY

Co-Founder, Expert in Network infrastructure
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