If you need a professional to accompany you to make your project a success, then you need EBS.

Our company can help you on such various projects because of our team members have acquired a real experience working both in France and in Vanuatu.

Arnaud Grosleron

Co-founder of EBS, Arnaud followed an IT Engineer curriculum in France, and became an expert in Virtualization and High-availability infrastructures. He has been living in Vanuatu for three years now working as an IT Engineer for various companies but wanted to deliver more services and increase IT capacity in Vanuatu, hence EBS.

His expertise: Virtualization, Linux and DNS infrastructures

Thomas Leroy

Co-founder of EBS, Thomas also followed an IT Engineer curriculum in France, giving him a solid technological basis, then put it to good use for consulting companies. He has been living in Vanuatu for two years now and decided to create EBS.

His expertise : Network engineering

Alexandre Blanchard

The newest addition to the team, Alexandre is a graduated IT Engineer who worked for consulting companies in France on international projects. Recently arrived in Vanuatu, his goal is to use his knowledge and experience to support the projects of EBS and its clients.

His expertise : Linux and Network engineering, Training