75% of the web servers run on Linux, 98 percent of the world’s supercomputers use Linux, and 8 out of 10 financial transactions are handled on Linux servers. This open source operating system, born in 1991, has a major role in the IT world, meaning that companies need trained administrators.
It is also a key knowledge for growing concepts like the internet of things (IoT) and will make Linux administration a key position in tomorrow’s companies and society. In a fast growing work and economic environment having diverse skills and an open mind is the key to success.
This course will allow students to complete their Linux knowledge as an advanced administrator. It will add to their skill portfolio services like VPN, Mail infrastructure, High Availability, SELinux and more. This course elaborates on previously acquired knowledge from the two first trainings to take students to the last step of highly skilled Linux engineers.

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Target groups

  • Linux administrators/Engineers
  • IT science graduates


  • Linux advanced curriculum or similar strong Linux administration skills


  • 5-day fast track curriculum
  • Experienced trainer
  • Flexible class schedules

What you’ll learn

  • Install and tune a VPN access
  • Configure a web proxy
  • Setup a complete mail infrastructure with remote access (IMAP, POP3)
  • Export block devices on the network over iSCSI
  • Use DRBD to create a RAID1 over the network
  • Create and manage a high availability cluster
  • Create a SELinux policy
  • Implement network Quality of Service rules
  • Establish a secure link over IPSec
  • Setup a RADIUS server
  • Automate an IT infrastructure management with puppet