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Private Cloud

Host all your infrastructure or a part of it in a secure private cloud

Own dedicate IT infrastructure with completely isolated access

Get your own cloud computing environment that suits your needs and take advantage of the its benefits including the availability of resources with access control and security.

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Private Cloud Package

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  • Secure VPN access from your office or on the go
  • Redundant hardware and network to limit downtime

Get your servers in the Cloud

  • Secure Datacenter
  • Dedicated resources
  • Cloud flexibility


  • No more need to buy costly equipment on a regular basis
  • Protect yourself from unexpected hardware failure

Other Packages

Shared Hosting

Share the webhosting server for lower cost

Shared hosting is a way to get your website online, fast and for cheap. Choose your plan according to your needs, with the possibility of upgrade if you need more space!

Dedicated Hosting

Get your own server without breaking your wallet

As the only customer on a dedicated server, you have the full system resources directly at your disposal, HDD and SSD options available, and flexible server configurations.